Canis Plus® Rabbit dry food is an especially high-quality cold pressed food of a unique blend which makes a superb premium food for sensitive or allergy-prone dogs and is also an absolute treat for our four-legged gourmets. Main ingredients: Rabbit as a low-cholesterol source of protein, also suitable for dogs with gastrointestinal sensitivity. High-fibre buckwheat, a grain-free member of the knotweed family, with many nutrients and vital elements as well as essential amino acids. Digestion-regulating carob, energy-giving coconut fat. Brewer’s yeast as a well tried remedy for a beautiful coat and healthy skin. Carrots for aiding a healthy intestinal mucosa. Bananas for various vitamins, minerals, trace elements and serotonin, the happiness hormone. In addition to all this it contains seaweed with vital iodine, calcium carbonate from seaweed as a 100% all-natural supply of calcium, nutritionally valuable malt sprouts, diatomaceous earth for a healthy coat and skin, field horsetail to strengthen the connective tissue. Blueberries with their high, antioxidant power. Restharrow root to support urinary tract health. The polyphenols contained in cranberries and mallow leaves can assist the body to defend itself against bacteria, meadowsweet herb can improve blood circulation, and birch leaves can play a positive part in maintaining a healthy bladder and kidneys. Oak bark is good for stomach and intestines. Buckwheat sprouts and mungo beans contain an extremely high amount of bioavailable vital elements. This means that Canis Plus® Rabbit is a truly species-appropriate dry food which supplies a meaningful variety of nutrients as naturally as possible.

Free of synthetic additives, preservatives, dyes, fillers, gluten free and GM free.

Naturavetal Cold Pressed Poultry 5kg