Muscle meat 35% and offal 34% - from rabbit, wild boar, deerrabbit, game meat broth 10%broccoli 8%apricot 5%carrot 5%salmon oil 1%eggshell powder 1%dill 0.5%Watercress 0.5%

Our grain free rabbit complete meal provides a delicious menu for gourmets. There is a high meat content due to the combination with game meat. This menu falls into the wolfish predatory scheme with broccoli providing a variety of nutrients including Vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin K as well as folic acid. The apricot rounds off this special menu in terms of taste it also provides vitamin E and vitamin B as well as iron, magnesium and potassium. This tasty meal brings variety to the menu of dogs of all ages.

This menu contains the best meat, finest vegetables and selected herbs, high quality salmon oil and eggshell powder. It offers a wholesome balanced meal and can be a practical holiday option for the raw feeder (BARF). The balanced recipe with carefully coordinated ingredients allows transparent feeding thanks to the open declaration. With 69% meat, supplemented with vegetables and fruit, this grain free Canis Plus® complete menu is particularly popular. Canis Plus® complete menus are an alternative to raw feeding and a delicious change from the Canis Plus® pure meat products, such as our meat pots or meat rolls. They are also ideally suited for feeding in combination with our cold pressed Canis Plus® dry food. Should you feed both wet and dry food in two meals, then proceed to feed one meal half of the specified amount of the complete menu and in the other meal half the ration of the daily amount of Canis Plus® dry food.

Naturavetal Complete Rabbit with Game & Broccoli 800g