beef meat 35%beef heart 30%beef lung 12%beef liver 10%beef fat 3%squash 3.5%cottage cheese 3%apple 3%eggshell powder 0,5%Meat content: min. 87%

Nutritional additive: Taurine (1g/kg

Felins Plus Beef with Vegetables and Cottage Cheese is a well-balanced complete meal designed to meet the specific needs of cats. It is made with premium meat, fruit, vegetables, taurine and eggshell powder. A high meat content of 87% specifically aimed at meeting the requirements of cats provides your feline friend with everything it needs to sustain its inherent fun-loving tiger with pure natural nutrients and plenty of good meat. Felins Plus Menu Rolls come in a rich variety of 4 delicious flavours made from premium quality meat, traditionally prepared from 100% prime lean meat, offal, fruit and vegetables. A delicious meal with healthy natural nutrients in environmentally friendly packaging. Also keeps for a long time unrefrigerated. Gentle preservation techniques using our low-temperature cooking method and extra short cooking times means that the valuable ingredients remain in optimum condition.

As always, Naturavetal guarantees that Felins Plus Menu Rolls contain no preservatives, no slaughterhouse waste, no animal or plant-based by-products of any kind.

Free of preservatives, dyes, fillers, gluten free and GM free.

Naturavetal For Cats Meat Roll Beef Felin Plus