beef meat and offal 100%

beef tripe 50%beef meat 17%beef heart 15%beef lung 10%beef broth 8%

Our grain-free Canis Plus® Beef Tripe pot contains 100% beef and offal for the targeted feeding of food-sensitive dogs. The rumen within it, can easily be integrated as part of an exclusion diet, for Barf, combined feeding or as a coveted reward. It contains a high proportion of green beef tripe, this pure beef tripe is ideal for regular feeding, even for dogs with sensitive stomachs. This meat pot contains rumen which supports a healthy intestinal flora. The rumen contains digestive enzymes to aid healthy digestion and to ensure the optimal absorption of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. It is also very popular with raw feeders and tastes good mixed with some vegetables or flakes.

Our Meat Pots are a healthy supplement to our cold pressed Canis Plus Dry Food, or simply as a tasty reward between meals.

As is usual with us, our Meat Pots contain no preservatives, flavour enhancers, stabilisers, artificial vitamins, or other chemical additives. As far as possible the gentle cooking method conserves the valuable ingredients and nutrients for your dog.

Note: If Meat Pots or Meat Rolls are fed daily as the main meal, side dishes must be added consisting of vegetables and fruit as well as oil and calcium sources. Suitable products can be found under our supplementary feed.

Free of synthetic additives, preservatives, dyes, fillers, gluten free and GM free.

Naturavetal Green Beef Tripe Meat Pot 800g