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Turkey meat and offal (neck, stomach, heart, liver)*pumpkin*beetroot*apple*parsley*hempseed oil*eggshell powder*

*All ingredients are certified organic

The first Canis Plus Organic Menu with turkey and vibrant vegetables providing a healthy, nutritionally complete meal for every dog. The high percentage of turkey meat and offal is combined with quality vegetable accompaniments, hempseed oil and eggshell powder to create a special meal. All the ingredients are 100% organic for healthy, tasty natural food.

The carefully detailed formulation of complementary ingredients allows feeding transparency. With over 70% meat from one source of protein, the composition of this grain free menu is particularly species appropriate. Canis Plus Complete Meals are an alternative to raw diets, or make a tasty change from Canis Plus pure meat products such as our Meat Pots and Meat Rolls. They are also ideal for feeding in combination with our cold pressed Canis Plus Dry Food varieties. To do this you serve two meals: half the stated amount of the Complete Meal in one, and half the daily ration of the Canis Plus Dry Food in the other.

Naturavetal Organic Turkey with Squash Pumpkin & Beetroot Complete 400g

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