game 60%offal (heart, lung, liver) 35% total – all from roe deer, red deer and wild boarvenison broth 5%

Pure Meat Rolls are 100% meat and offal from exclusively one source of animal protein. The Meat Rolls aid requirement-oriented feeding of food-sensitive dogs, as part of an elimination diet, for raw feeders, combined feeding, or as a prized reward. Prepared from 100% premium lean meat and offal. A condensed, concentrated, nutritious, delicious bowlful with lots of healthy natural ingredients – the natural way, in environmentally friendly packaging. Gentle preservation using our low-temperature cooking method and extra short cooking times means that the valuable nutrientss remain in optimum condition.

After opening keep covered for 4 days in the refrigerator or freeze in portions. As always, Naturavetal promises that Canis Plus Meat Rolls contain no preservatives, colouring or flavouring additives, and no animal or vegetable by-products such as feather meal, claws or horn, stems, straws or leaves.

Naturavetal Pure Game Meat Roll Canis Plus 500g