Lamb meat and offal 84% (lean meat, lungs, tripe, liver)Full-cream goat’s milk 10%Millet 5%Calcium carbonate 1%

This unique recipe is only obtainable from Naturavetal!

Canis Plus Grassfed Lamb with millet and full-cream goat’s milk is a completely new recipe. It is a gluten-free complete food which provides sensitive and allergic dogs with an extra helping of energy from high-quality protein. This popular delicacy brings delicious variety to the menu and dogs absolutely love it.

Grass fed lambs are reared on pasture in a completely natural and species-appropriate way on a diet of good hay, meadow grass and plenty of wild herbs, so typical pasture-fed lamb is easily digested, in addition to being tender and tasty. Lamb has an excellent meat-fat ratio and is considered to be one of the highest quality meats. Because it is so digestible it is eminently suitable as a light diet or for older dogs as it is easy to chew. Canis Plus Grass-fed Lamb with millet and full-cream goat’s milk is also rich in minerals, vitamins and amino acids, and has a very spicy taste.

The Menu Roll sausage is firm to cut and practical to handle. This innovative Menu Roll is a top recommendation for breeders acclimatising puppies to solid food. Both junior and senior dogs benefit significantly. The older dogs that need reinvigorating get a lot of good calories from the goats milk. Weakened or sensitive dogs with gastrointestinal problems are catered for in a natural healthy way, as the unpolished millet can even cleanse the intestinal villi. This high-energy Menu Roll is also a real tonic for high-performance dogs when training and in action.

As always with Naturavetal, you can totally rely on our Menu Rolls being produced without any preservatives, slaughterhouse waste such as feather meal, claws or horn, or worthless fillers. Instead your pet gets outstanding quality from healthy grassfed lamb, polished and unpolished millet and a high percentage of the best full-cream goat’s milk. A condensed, concentrated, nutritious, delicious meal in environmentally-friendly packaging!

Free of synthetic additives, preservatives, dyes, fillers, gluten free and GM free.

Naturavetal Roll Grass Fed Lamb with Millet & Full Goats Milk Canis Plus 500g